Camilla & Company


Meet Camilla & Company


Camilla is a fun-loving little girl with auburn, curly hair and bright hazel eyes. She just loves to be creative and use her imagination. Her favorite stuffed animal is a lion named Roary!

Aunt Elle

Aunt Elle is Camilla's aunt. She helps Camilla learn about kindness, understanding, and creativity!


Lady is a cute, little puppy with black fur and floppy ears. She just LOVES Camilla and wants to play with her all the time!


Gabriella is Camilla's mommy. She is a leader in the military and her job is just like that of a superhero -- to protect those who can’t protect themselves and help others when they need an extra helping hand.


Ace is Uncle Mike's police canine! He is Uncle Mike's partner. Ace helps Uncle Mike with his police work and they keep each other safe!

Uncle Mike

Uncle Mike is Camilla's uncle. He helps Aunt Elle take care of Camilla. Uncle Mike is also a police officer and Ace's partner!

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a children's book series

Come along with Camilla while she explores and navigates different emotions with help from her aunt, Aunt Elle, and her puppy, Lady!

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